about wysker

wysker is a blockchain ecommerce company. By bringing the concept of window shopping to the mobile world, people can now discover products at hyperspeed. Just imagine a whole day of shopping compressed into a single session. It all comes with its own Ethereum-based token to reward users for their interactions.

Discovery is now reduced to a single-button that allows users to explore products at up to 20 items per second. A frictionless process rewarding users through wys tokens for downloading, sharing, and using app. In the future, the token connects users and advertisers directly to make advertising more effecient than ever before.

The wysker model attracted over 1’800 investors to date, raising more than $2.5m through its ongoing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) open until February 28, 2018. With its base in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the three founders, Tobias Haag, Ann-Lauriene Haag, and Kai Jaeger work with their team to shift the power back to the users by decentralizing consumer data.

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