8 Super Creative Cyber Girls Opening Portals To The Future

Cyber girls have been highly influential in the last years. They bring in the aesthetics and values of the future into popular culture. Discover the styles, real and virtual, of the girls taking mainstream culture by storm.

#1 Lil Miquela

First and foremost, Lil Miquela, a 19 year old model and musician based in LA. Her posts range from high-end fashion modeling to personal pics of her hanging with her CGI friends @blawko22 and @bermudaisbae. If you’re into virtual drama and the future of fashion, she’s a must follow.

Her current style: casual streetwear

#2 Poppy

Starting with “I’m Poppy” and a series of unsettling and hypnotic short videos in 2015, now Poppy is a pop star singing about the awakening of AI and its bewilderment at the world humans have wrought. It’s a mood.

Her current style: cute, perfect pastels

#3 Ruby Gloom

Ruby Gloom is a digital artist and fashion designer from Hong Kong merging high fashion luxury with a classic cyber aesthetic, producing post-internet clothing adorned with error messages. She creates diverse digital models for her Insta, alongside selfies of her own 90s/00s street x cyber style.

Her current styles: 90s/00s, cyber, kawaii

#4 Aryuna

Beauty goddess Aryuna uses Instagram as an escape hatch from banality, framing alternate potentialities and reflections of herself in the way she uses makeup and angles.

Her current style: glamour, surreal

#5 Dadeko

Next one, Dadeko is a gamer and nerd girl. She loves beauty and experiments with makeup and creating filters as a way of expressing her quirky character.

Her current style: metallic meets cool

#6 Creepyyeha

Creepyyeha, also known as Yeha Leung, makes custom jewelry and lingerie by hand. Her unique style has gained her devoted followers and a celebrity following that includes the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and FKA twigs.

Her current style: sexy, intense, leather


Me Love Me Alot is a rapper, fashion designer and visual artist. As lead designer at streetwear brand SKOOT and with her rap career taking off, she’s making a big impact on several scenes. Check her out!

Her current style: street meets surreal

#8 Grimes

Grimes, also known as Claire Boucher, is an electronic musician and visual artist, currently dating Elon Musk! Her music videos have always had a cyber style, but she took the look to the next level with her recent release, a message to future artificial intelligences - “We Appreciate Power.”

Her current style: angelic cyber warrior princess

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