11 Brands Inspiring A New Sensibility In Women’s Fashion

Women are stronger than ever. Clothing needs to keep up. These days women need garments that are uncompromising and chic, yet freeing, and wearable in every occasion. Now is the time for fashion of empowerment, for clothes that enable women to show their personalities, their thoughts and confidence, on their own terms - It’s time for a new sensibility.

by Rebecca IvancevicFebruary 25, 2019, 7:30 PM

#1 Old Céline

When Phoebe Philo stepped down from Céline the fashion universe was left reeling. In her 10 years at the helm she created garments, that women all over the world wanted to live, breathe, and be seen in. Gone but never forgotten; Let’s see what she does next. In the meantime, here you can find a selection of Céline pieces from Philo’s time as creative director.

#2 Jil Sander

Through pioneering feminist fashion, Jil Sander’s business focused designs have been empowering women in the workplace for decades. To this day, Jil Sander is known for uncompromising high quality and precision.

#3 Lemaire

Lemaire made his name with subtle, gender-fluid designs. His vision is refined and discrete, speaking to a deep sense of intuition. The garments are made to last, made to be worn, and made to lift up those who wear them.

#4 Rejina Pyo

With just four collections, Rejina Pyo has been fast to make a mark in fashion. Her distinctive Olivia Bag was all over instagram and she deftly combines wearability with sophistication, to make every woman feel special.

#5 Helmut Lang

With his unconventional materials, refined silhouettes and pragmatic aesthetic, Helmut Lang became one of the most important designers of the 21st century. Minimal, utilitarian, and often unisex, his work is freeing, cool and always adaptable to your needs.

#6 A.W.A.K.E.

As former fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar Russia, Natalia Alaverdian was eager to change seats and finally create what she had been styling. Her vision for A.W.A.K.E. is openly referential but through that examination of existing forms, she speaks with her own language and is developing down a distinctive path.

#7 Ellery

Retro chic and contemporary tailoring combined with cool playfulness into Ellery’s signature. It feels like bold, arty women all over the world are wearing Ellery. The brand brings together romantic ruffles with strong materials and confident cuts.

#8 Tibi

Tibi’s bold, uncluttered pieces are so easy to live in, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Their simplicity can mislead into thinking they’re average. These beautiful, understated garments, elevate the wearer, not themselves.

#9 The Row

The Row is the calm, effortless answer to all those brands that feel compelled to scream at the top of their voices. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen refine their designs to an extraordinary, distilled luxury. These exquisite garments are relief to all those seeking fashion that whispers truth, instead of screaming fiction.

#10 Nanushka

Nanushka collections are sleek, without losing their subtle femininity. Their minimalistic, easy-to-wear aesthetic combines comfort, simplicity, and function into high-quality garments. With carefully selected materials, they also ensure a commitment to sustainability too.  

#11 Joseph

Joseph glides back and forth between masculine and feminine. Working with luxurious materials such as silk and cashmere, each collection is full of essential modern classics, that easily become wardrobe icons. Beautifully becoming, comfortable and chic.