11 Of The Cutest Meta Mascots

There are so many cute, cool, and characterful mascots in the meta universe, all with their own unique style and personality. From delightful to dangerous, here are 11 of the cutest and coolest meta mascots!

by Jumoke FernandezMarch 1, 2019, 12:28 PM

#1 Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma is one of the ultimate kawaii mascots. His name is a combination of the words "relax" and kuma - the Japanese word for bear.

Rilakkuma loves: pancakes, dango, omurice, crème caramel

#2 Kirby

Kirby is from Dream Land, a country on the faraway planet Pop Star. Starring in over thirty games, Kirby is one of Nintendo’s cutest and most beloved protagonists.

Kirby loves: singing, eating tomatoes, actually eating anything

#3 Totoro

Big Totoro is a forest spirit that lives in a large camphor tree with Medium Totoro and Small Totoro. He’s rumored to be the King of the Forest…

Totoro loves: seeds and nuts, sleeping, all things green

#4 Gloomy Bear

Gloomy Bear is the antithesis of the sugary sweet mascots you commonly see. He started off cute and cuddly, but the older he grew, the more violent he became.

Gloomy loves: violence

#5 My Melody

My Melody is one of Hello Kitty’s best friends. She’s a super sweet and caring bunny known for her kawaii pink hood.

My Melo loves: almond pound cake, baking cookies, her little brother Rhythm… most of the time

#6 Kuromi

Kuromi is My Melody’s rival and undeniably the coolest bunny on this list. The skull on her hood changes depending on her mood 😠😔😃 and her Japanese name means black (Kuro) beauty (mi) in English.

Kuromi loves: shallots, romantic short stories, mischief

#7 Miffy

Miffy’s original name was “Nijntje,” which is Dutch for “little rabbit,” but now she’s internationally known as Miffy: the cute little bunny who only wears primary colors.

Miffy loves: drawing, her friends, new experiences

#8 Pusheen

Pusheen is one of the internet’s most famous cats. Her name comes from the Irish word for kitten - puisín. You can find her online replicating memes, dressing up and eating... She’s a little bit lazy, but not as lazy as #9!

Pusheen loves: blogging, eating, sleeping, repeating

#9 Gudetama

Gudetama’s name comes from the Japanese words for lazy (gude gude) and egg (tamago). He really lacks spunk, but doesn’t everyone have gude gude days?!

Gudetama loves: soy sauce, being left alone, retreating into his shell

#10 Pikachu

Did you know? Pikachu is a combination of the words pika (electricity crackling) and chu (the sound a mouse makes). Pika pika chu! ⚡⚡⚡

Pikachu loves: ketchup, Ash, roasting berries with its lightning bolts

#11 Care Bears

You may have thought there were 11 meta mascots in this list… but there are actually many more! If you count up all the cousins, there are 218 Care Bears from the Kingdom of Caring. That brings us to a grand total of 228 super adorable meta friends!

Care Bears love: you