12 Social Media Platforms Brought To Life

Browse the curated stories below to find all of your favourite platforms brought to life - their unique vibes and aesthetics combined to create 12 users that embody their apps. Recognise someone you know?

by Jumoke FernandezMarch 5, 2019, 1:45 PM

#1 The Instagram Babe

Endless brunch

#2 The Tinder Fuckboy

Basically every Tinder date ever

#3 The Pinterest Mom

Great at DIY crafts, rustic interiors and Live, Laugh, Love’ing

#4  The Tumblr Teen

Careful you don’t cut yourself on all that edge

#5 The Twitter Dude

Everyone has that one friend

#6 The Snapchat Kid

2 cool 4 school

#7 The LinkedIn Woman

Let’s get that bread

#8  The YouTube Dude

OMG you'll never believe number 3!?!?! *not clickbait*

#9 The Reddit Guy

Best (?) source of fresh memes

#10 The Facebook Friend

It has been too long, we gotta catch up soon!

#11 The Wysker Breed

100% Dopamine

#12 The Imgur Poster

Forever posting classics