9 Skate Brands That Do Something Different

With such a thriving scene and so many brands jostling for attention, it’s easy for the gems to get lost in the noise. Below are 9 skate brands that go the extra mile. They have the freshest gear and the coolest decks but best of all, they never take themselves too seriously.

by Tim DavisApril 1, 2019, 5:01 PM

#1 Toy Machine

When you’ve been around in the skate scene as long as Toy Machine, you only survive by staying fresh. Back in the day, basic flame decals passed for cool. That is until Ed Templeton’s bold cartoon designs brought a new look.

#2 Succ International

Definitely one of the top ten most successful streetwear empires launched by a coked-up alien, off the back of a hugely popular meme account on instagram. The savage designs mostly feature the lavish Lil Mayo living his best life. 👽💯


Home of Lord Nermal, the streetwear Hello Kitty with attitude, RIPNDIP is all about fun… and getting flipped off. First seen peeking out from a pocket, the viral sensation propelled the brand to internet stardom and founder Ryan O’Connor has kept their output fresh ever since.

#4 Creature Skateboards

The gruesome severed arm of skate stalwarts NHS Fun Factory, Creature Skateboards bring all things dark and Lovecraftian to the table. Their recent collab with Japanese Horror master Junji Ito includes some particularly creepy manga influenced decks.

#5 Billionaire Boys Club

High end decks and gear from the minds of Pharrell Williams and BAPE founder Nigo, BBC was acquired by Jay-Z himself - that’s streetwear with class. The high quality, color-blocking runs are super limited though. Skate kids and streetwear fans better  move fast to catch their classic street art inspired designs.

#6 Pizza Skateboards

Everything's better with pizza. That’s the guiding ethos behind the latest drop from the team at Pizza Skateboards. The brand convinces with ‘90s vibes and vintage cartoon designs throughout a laidback collection. They make awesome skate videos too ;)

#7 enjoi

“We skate, we party, we live life to have fun.” - enjoi definitely have their priorities in order. They’re also producing some of the sharpest psychedelic decks around as well as a host of chilled out gear and accessories.

#8 Odd Future

Things may have been a little quiet in Odd Future land lately, as its various members are out on their own being brilliant at whatever they turn their talents to. However, their existing output remains well worth the attention: Decks and gear in all the colours of the rainbow.

#9 Primitive Skate

Not just the place to go for the very best Rick & Morty licensed decks and gear, Primitive Skate also boast some extremely fresh Dragon Ball Z pieces too. Their beautiful CNC Cruiser decks may just be too good to ride but they’ll look great on the wall.