A Tribute To A Legend: Karl Lagerfeld

German by birth, Parisian by heart— Karl Lagerfeld was probably the most iconic fashion designer of them all. He leaves behind a fashion empire, was never a man short of opinions, and will be remembered for his genius, wit, and humor. Let’s take a trip through his legacy and pay tribute to Karl the genius, Karl the Great, Kaiser Karl.

by Rebecca IvancevicMarch 5, 2019, 12:50 PM

#1 Iconic Karl

Précision, s’il vous plaît. Karl Lagerfeld is well-known for never leaving the house without his dark shades, white starched detachable collar, and a perfectly powdered white ponytail. His hands were covered by fingerless driving gloves, glittering with many rings and usually holding a glass of Diet Coke. Practical? Non. But trés chic.

#2 Vintage Chanel

Chanel was already world renowned for reinventing women’s fashion and ushering in an age of androgynous modernity. Under Karl Lagerfeld’s leadership they would reach new heights, holding the most incredible shows that the fashion world had ever seen. After Coco Chanel herself, Karl brought life back to the brand with his perky, cheerful, fearless designs.

#3 Karl Lagerfeld Womens

Karl Lagerfeld’s own womenswear brand brings together monochromatic street aesthetics with classic, chic tailoring, and bold graphic accents. Fanciful, feminine detailing and cute cat graphics combine in classic Karl-esque ready-to-wear pieces.

#4 Karl Lagerfeld Mens

“Fashion is a game that has to be played seriously.” Taking his inspiration from the streets of Paris, Karl Lagerfeld’s menswear line is cool, effortless, and easy going. Never one to hold back, Karl goes full frontal into street wear, even including sweatpants.

#5 Fendi

Even tough closely linked to the brand of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld is also renowned for his more than 50 years of working for Fendi. In 1965 the traditional fur and leather house invited him to join and create a new, young vision for the Italian brand. There he remained creative director of the maison’s ready-to-wear and fur departments until the very end. He built the Fendi that fashionistas all over the word know and love.

#6 Karl's Collabs

Loved or hated, the extent of Lagerfeld’s influence cannot be denied. He never stopped working and collaborated with many different companies. His reach extended everywhere. Whether to H&M, Puma, Faber-Castell or Louis Vuitton, as well as many others, he was always pleased to ennoble lesser mortals with his stamp.

#7 Work like Karl

Lagerfeld was a true multidisciplinary artist and known for utmost discipline. Not only did he create extraordinary fashion, he was also an accomplished illustrator, caricaturist, interior designer and noted photographer. He collaborated with the esteemed art and craft supplier Faber-Castell, whose products he worked with for decades.

#8 Choupette

There are few who can claim to have been as close to Karl as Choupette, his beloved white Birman cat. And what a cat she is. Not only rumoured to be inheriting a $150 million slice of Karl’s empire, naturally she built one herself. She has collaborated with Steiff and her face already adorns millions of products across the world.