Vogue’s 8 Most Important Trends For Spring Season 2019

Vogue has produced a roundup of the trends to be aware of when assembling a wardrobe for this spring. Find them below, and browse stories designed for a new season with a lot to offer.

by Christina MayerFebruary 25, 2019, 7:30 PM

#1 The Greatest Escape

Vogue’s first trend is one inspired by the desire to escape winter and everyday life. Light, airy fabrics, draped outfits evoking sarongs, and swimwear items, everything adorned with intricate patterns - holiday-esque beach-lounging wear reappropriated for a warming world where winter… maybe isn’t coming.

#2 Holistic Handmade

In response to the smooth edges and machined perfection on the horizon, some designers are turning to the handmade and human instead. Macramé, crochet, weaves, and knits bring an organic touch to garments, and natural, reassuringly uneven asymmetries flow from the process of designing by hand.  

#3 Must-Have Bolder Shoulders

Isn’t the male-female binary so passé? It certainly is in the avant garde world of fashion, and some designers this year (Margiela, Vuitton, Givenchy) are doing away with it entirely. A boxy blazer that hides the figure while retaining the sharp angles that define it is the definitive piece, but ‘80s bouffant is the look.

#4 50 Shades of Beige

Beige is back - ten years since its Spring 2009 moment. With such a neutral palette, the power of beige is in the detail: blouses defined by deft folds, gold clasps offsetting that clutch, an asymmetric jumpsuit with a frill running along an entire side. Don’t let the color fool you: beige is bold this spring.

#5 Ready-to Couture

The development of couture into a look you can actually wear continues at its own pace. So far Spring ‘19 has seen everyday denim mixed in, ruffles of every volume and a garden trellis headdress topped by a hand proffering a rose. Fabulous, extravagantly daring, ymmv.

#6 Some Like It Hot

A really popular trend this season is charging the miniskirt with extra layers of allure - the catwalks strutted by models wearing short dresses that sparkle and shine, paired with golden stilettos, chunky platforms and leather tops. Unapologetic power. The revolution continues 💅

#7 Bye-bye Basic Black

Black, fashion’s on-again, off-again lover, is back to ruffle some feathers. Spring 2019 looks set to see a wave of experimentation with the color, whose dependability is the perfect canvas for designers like Rick Owens, pushing the boundaries of form and function with daring silhouettes and details.

#8 The Long and Longer of It

When Giorgio Armani himself puts out a “messily undone” shirt and pants look, it’s probably time to break some molds. The current trend of long, flowing tops just exemplifies this: shirt-dresses, cardigan coats and angular shouldered crop tops break traditional silhouettes into charming extensions of the original garments’ functions.